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Here we present some sample home pages of websites we've put together over the past year. They represent a variety of businesses -- profit and non-profit, and vary in size and complexity. You can browse through the sites by clicking on the screen shots.

Merlin's Silver Star

Merlins' Silver Star is a business run by Concord artist and silversmith Hilary Taylor. Hilary makes beautiful silver jewelry using precious metal clay and sterling silver. Her specialty is anything to do with dogs, but she also loves to work in themes related to the natural world.

We did all the item photography in her shop with natural lighting against a velvet backdrop.


Multiware, Inc.

Multiware, Inc. is a software company in California that markets a set of products that complement Peachtree Accounting software. Recently, the people at Multiware needed an updated web site to coincide with their introducing a new product. We started with their existing page material and structure, and removed embedded style elements. We added a global style sheet that defines colors, fonts, and layout in a way that makes maintenance easier and less error prone. Then we created some simple screen graphic elements to add some visual interest.


Hamilton-Kolby Custom Electronics

The Hamilton-Kolby Custom Electronics is a small New England company that specializes in building and restoring vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. There's a growing interest in vintage style guitars and amplifiers, and I've had a life-long interest in building and playing through my own custom-built sound equipment. Few people realize that a guitar amplifier is in itself, a musical instrument. Today's production-built products have migrated to off-shore manufacturing, catering to low-cost, mass-production, printed circuit boards, and un-repairable products. In contrast, Hamilton-Kolby products are built in classic 50's and 60's tradition -- by hand using highest quality components.


Newport Guitar Festival

The Newport Guitar Festival was an event held in the summers of 2004 and 2006 in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island. This site was one that required continual updating as planning for the festivals proceeded. We worked closely with the customer to provide timely page updates.


The Minor Chord

The Minor Chord is an independently owned music store in Littleton, MA. In November 2002, we redesigned and reorganized their web site, incorporating photos and descriptions of equipment for sale, CDs, sheet music, and store personnel. We've been updating it on a regular basis ever since.


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