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Here are a few more websites we've created recently. You can browse through the sites by clicking on the screen shots.

Borges Guitars

Julius Borges is a maker of fine acoustic guitars in Littleton, Massachusetts. Mr. Borges wanted a site that displayed his superb workmanship, his construction methods, and his product offerings. He supplied some photographs for the site, and we took several more of our own. We scanned an actual guitar headstock for the page header logo, and found a typeface for the banner title. We designed specification sheets for each of his guitar products such that they produce a nice result when printed.


Micromarketing Strategy Partners

Micromarketing Strategy Partners is a consulting company in the Philadelphia area that performs market research for the pharmaceutical industry. They needed a fresh website to serve as an Internet counterpart to their new marketing brochure. We imported material, both text and graphics, from the brochure to make an attractive, easy-to-navigate site that clearly explains their business, their core technologies, and some case histories.


Madison Blues Band

Madison Blues Band is a group of musicians in Northern California who specialize in playing tunes drawn from the American blues repertoir. They did not have a website and were often asked by clientele how to reach them. We registered a domain, set them up with hosting, basic pages with photos, biographies, schedule, sound clips, and a way for people to contact them and sign up for band news by e-mail.


Learning Success Helpline

The Learning Success Helpline is a non-profit organization that specializes in developing learning skills. The client was very concerned about having a web site that would not be confusing to learning-challenged individuals, and came to us after seeing another site we had developed.

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