Rate and Fee Schedule

Rates and Fees Effective Jan 1, 2008

Our fee schedule is set up in a way that gives you a fairly clear idea up-front about how much your site will cost. As you probably have experienced, the complexity of a web page or site varies tremendously, depending on customer needs and desires. Rather than quoting a fixed price per page or site, or at the other extreme, quoting a simple hourly rate, we have found that it is more realistic to combine these two to reflect the real costs.

  Site Setup $120.00
includes domain registration/transfer, hosting arrangement. If you already have a web site and are happy with your domain name and hosting arrangement, you don't need this.
  New Web Page $60.00 minimum, plus hourly charge (see "Time at our site," below)
(does not include photos. For pages that exceed two printed pages, add $35.00 per extra printed page)
  Web Page Update $40.00 plus time at our site
(at least 1/2 of old page preserved) *
  Our Photographs $40.00 first, $15.00 ea after that, plus "Time at your site," below
  Stock Photographs Photographer's Charge + $10.00
  Time at your site $80.00/hour
  Time at our site $60.00/hour **
  Hosting $9.95/month

Designing and implementing a simple new web page can take as little as an hour. As a page includes more photos, graphic elements, text, navigational tools, menus, and dynamic elements, the complexity increases. More page complexity requires additional time; perhaps several hours.

*  A major re-implementation of a page constitutes a new web page; a simple addition or correction would not be charged.

** This typically consists of developing graphic elements, photo editing, writing ad copy, making global changes, such as site-wide fonts, navigation links, background, and other style changes, and uploading materials to ISP.


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